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Sooooo I know that I was supposed to post a piece about my drive across the country a couple of weeks ago, complete with pictures, but things have been crazy every since I got back. I managed to get another job and have therefore been working constantly. Also, writing about my trip turned into a more personal post than I was expecting and I want to do it justice. Hang in there, people!

The king of the jungle relaxes in the fading light as the sun sets over the Wellington Zoo.

The king of the jungle relaxes in the fading light as the sun sets over the Wellington Zoo.

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Pic of the Day!

So, completely unforseen by me, it appears that I will actually be driving across the country next week! Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to make a real, American road trip out of it, but needless to say I will be taking some pictures and hopefully keep you guys updated through the four or so days that I will be driving. Starting point will be a few miles north of the beautiful Seattle, WA, and we’ll finish up in Northport, AL! Roughly, this will be a drive of about 2,600 miles, depending on which route we take.


Yet another view from the Seattle Space Needle.

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Pic of the Day!

This isn’t for the squeamish! A view of the gum wall in Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market.Pike Place


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Bare gray shoulders of hills

shrug off a mantle of dead winter grass.

The air is cold,

stinging the skin on my face,

slipping inside to become

one with my blood.

Wood beneath my feet,

laced into a safe harbor of beams

clothed in chipping paint

pulling off in strips.

Far below the water is whispering,

swirling around rocks that break its surface,

ringing them with white.

The air hangs

still around me

as I step to the brink,


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Pic of the Day!

Here’s another picture I took in New Zealand. This was taken in a national park (the name is completely escaping me) on the drive to Milford Sound from Queenstown. The place was so remote and in such pristine condition, our guide told us that we were breathing some of the purest air on Earth. Unfortunately at the time I was suffering from a cold and because of a completely plugged up nose I can’t really tell you how great the air was.


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The violin song is lost in the storm

fragile strings of coiled metal sing at the touch of rain

but the wood is dissolving, disintegrating

leaving desolate the shining bits

gleaming like coins in a dead man’s eyes

thrown into the sea because land was too far

leaving his widow sorrowful

“Alone before the close,” she grieves

but quietly, listlessly

like a flame in the wake of a longing whose spirit has died.

Thus it was for me the day I realized you had gone.

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Hey everyone! So I just graduated a couple of days ago and it hasn’t quite hit me yet that I am supposed to be an adult now. Very weird. Anyway, I took a poetry class this past semester and I actually liked some of the stuff I wrote for it, so I figured I would share. This poem is a series of haiku named, “Home.”


Fog clings to rocky

mountainsides, finding refuge among

snow laden firs.


A gull hangs

in the mist, his cry mingles

with the swish of waves.


Inside the house

it’s as lonely and cold as the

sea and the mountains.

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